S ponosom objavljujemo da je PDiVizija otvorila poslovnicu u Beogradu - C2V D.O.O. BEOGRAD, gdje smo već uspješno završili prve programe certificiranja.

C2V D.O.O. BEOGRAD2021-07-26T10:32:39+00:00

PDiVision received Creditworthiness Rating AAA

PDiVision is a proud owner of a triple A Bisnode credit rating certificate of excellence. It has been a widely recognised proof of an above-average  company in the world of business. Tens of statistically significant variables, tested formulas on the basis of financial data, blockades, payment habits and lawsuits demonstrate safety, competitiveness, sustainability, stability, excellence and reliability of business entities. The better the certificate of business excellence, the greater the trust and reputation on the market. Certificates for the following 12 months predict protection against deletions or insolvency, compulsory settlement or liquidation, deletion from the business register and blocking [...]

PDiVision received Creditworthiness Rating AAA2020-05-27T07:20:13+00:00
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